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Staff Training And Development

The field of personal and professional training has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent times. Trainers are now helping individuals and business organizations of all sizes to realize their business and professional dreams and aspirations. It is now widely acknowledged that training can empower individuals to dramatically improve their work performance, and their ultimate contributions to the organization they represent.

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One-on-One Coaching

Work Directly With Sharon Akinoluwa For maximum Results in your finances.

“A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.”- Chinese Proverb

When Sharon Akinoluwa speaks, people listen. He brings his expertise, knowledge and experience to his audience. …Read more




Sharon Akinoluwa is a conference speaker, gifted and dynamic teacher of biblical principles of economics, with over two decades of experience in empowering people for financial exploits. He is divinely and adequately equipped with grace, ideas, skills, information and strategies for financial exploits.

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Wealth and Riches International is a Christian organization that is committed to solving business and financial problems for individuals and corporate organizations.

This is a work founded on Isaiah 35:1-7: To teach spiritual and secular truth that would empower God’s people to succeed in life and business.

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......your financial freedom is our mandate.

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