Understanding The Luck factor In Wealth Acquisition

Understanding The Luck factor In Wealth Acquisition

Financial freedom should be the dream and lifetime goal of every right thinking adult. It is one goal we should all place priority on, and engage all that is within our power to achieve.

The good news is that change of financial situation is possible for everyone who cares to pursue it.

Our financial world can indeed be transformed for good; but it is good to note that change must begin within us before it can become a reality on the outside.

Changing your inner world to accommodate the financial reality you desire in your outer world of reality is the most challenging part of achieving financial freedom.

There is a change that must happen in your mind before you can ever experience financial abundance in reality.

Changing your mind to align with your desired financial goal is a major task that must be accomplished in your quest for financial abundance.

The change of financial story and status you most desire must begin with a change of mind-set. If you can change your mind, you can indeed change your financial trajectory. Your financial transformation is at the mercy of your ability to change or renew your mind.

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Rom 12:2

You must have wealth first on the inside of you before you can experience it on the outside. Wealth must always be on the inside first before on the outside. You can’t have poverty mindset and expect to do well financially in the world of reality.

This is one major reason many people struggle with their desire to achieve financial freedom: wrong mind-set. If you get it wrong in your mind, you will struggle financially in the world of reality.

The Luck Factor

In this post, I want to help position your mind properly on the subject of luck as it relates to financial success.

One major factor hindering a lot of people from achieving financial freedom is their wrong mind-set about the subject of luck. This is where many people get it wrong, and as a result they struggle financially.

This makes finding out what your state of mind about the subject of luck very crucial to your financial advancement. Is your mind set about luck hindering you from achieving your financial desire or is it helping out?

Are the rich and wealthy just lucky?
The rich and wealthy just appear lucky, don’t they? And the rest of us not so lucky. What’s your take on the subject of luck as it relates to wealth building? Do you believe the rich and wealthy are just lucky guys?

Listen friend, your perspective and mind-set about the subject of luck can really make the difference between a life of penury and that of financial abundance.

When people achieve great wealth, they are immediately tagged or branded as lucky. People look at the financial success of the wealthy, after they have acquired their wealth and ascribed it to luck. They are considered to have good luck. While those who struggle financially are not considered lucky; but are said to have bad luck.

I consider it a great error and insult to look at the wealth acquired by someone who had mastered and practiced over a period of time, the skills, strategies and time tested, universal principles that are necessary in the process of building wealth as a product of luck.

“Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck.”- Napoleon Hill

I want to believe that the only group of people that can be considered as lucky are those born into wealthy families. No one has control over where that.

A lot of people who struggle financially have the tendency to consider themselves as unlucky in the world of money, especially when they see or compare themselves to some rich and wealthy guys who are obviously less gifted and less talented or with less education qualification than them.

It is good for you to know that anywhere you see any event of wealth, you see the outcome of a process of wealth building. A process of actions, strategies and behaviors that aid wealth building, carried out in the past to achieve the present result. Most wealthy people have done many things behind the scene, sometimes for years, which made the realization of their desired financial dream a possibility.

Listen, behind every overnight financial success story is at least 10 years of dogged and tireless laboring and sweating it out. For you to conclude or classified such stories as luck is an aberration.

Negative Effects Of Luck Thinking

Luck thinking makes you think you have little or no influence over your financial destiny. It is an error to think your financial destiny is being determine by external factor, upon which you have to influence.

“….work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Phi 2:12

Secondly, luck thinking robs you of the much needed sense of personal responsibility that makes wealth building possible. Personal responsibility is the master key to financial dignity. You must take absolute responsibility for your financial wellbeing and destiny.

You owe it to your financial destiny to take all necessary action steps that would facilitate the achievement of your financial dream.

“Millions of people go through life hoping for favorable breaks. Perhaps a favorable break can get one an opportunity, but the safest plan is not to depend upon luck.”- Napoleon Hill

Actions Have Consequences

Wealthy people are essentially action oriented. They know that actions must precede any desired results. And that it is our actions that birth our desired results …..that results would only follow actions taken; and without taking action steps nothing will ever be achieved. As a result they are known to take massive, focus and well directed actions toward their financial freedom.

One of the very fundamental principles of life that every wealth seeker must understand and embrace is this: actions have consequences. Yes, you heard me right. All of your actions have consequences. These consequences could either be positive or negative depending on the actions taken.

Wealth, riches, success, achievement, accomplishment and progress are all consequences of certain actions taken at one time or another.

The key to wealth and financial freedom is for you to engage more in actions that are more likely to bring about your desired financial success, while you intentionally avoid those actions that will not bring about the consequences you desire.

People who are considered as lucky individual have taken many steps and done many things that, in combination increased their probability and likelihood of building wealth

In your quest for wealth and riches, you will need to take certain steps that will increase your likelihood of financial success. You might need to learn and engage certain skills, strategies and behaviors that will enhance the realization of your financial goal.

Wealth Building Is A Multi-Variable Equation
You must appreciate that building wealth involves several different action steps. Wealth building is a multi-variable equation. And the more of these variables you engage in, the higher the likelihood and probability of you accumulating wealth.

For example, every book you read increases the likelihood of your coming across a wisdom tip, strategy, or information that would increase the probability of your achieving your financial dream.

Every seminar you attend and every valuable skill you develop increases the probability of your success in the world of money. Every time tested, universally proven wealth building principle and strategy you put to work enhances the probability of your achieving financial success.

There is a direct relationship between the number of different things you attempt in your quest for financial freedom and your likelihood of achieving your desire. Taking many different action steps will put the angels on your side.

Replace Luck Thinking With Probability Thinking.
In order to succeed financial you need to replace luck thinking with probability thinking. It is always better to think in terms of probabilities. This thought pattern will empower you to take necessary action steps in order to increase your probability of financial success.

Instead of feeling helpless in the hands of an external force called luck, you can indeed take control of your financial destiny by: thinking in terms of probability. Doing all you can to increase your probability of acquiring wealth is the highway to a life of financial plenty.

Probability theory teaches that there is a likelihood that any particular event will occur under certain situations and conditions.
To be wealthy, you owe it a duty to your financial destiny to do everything possible to increase your probability. The more of different things or more of particular things you engage in the higher the probability of your building wealth and living in financial freedom.

It’s a new day for you!

To Your Prosperity

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