The Untold Secret Of Wealth Creation

The Untold Secret Of Wealth Creation

Wealth is essentially a product of lifestyle. Your financial freedom is majorly at the mercy of your lifestyle. Lifestyle choices will determine whether you walk in financial freedom or not.

Listen, there is a lifestyle that facilitates the accumulation of wealth, there is also a lifestyle that hinders and frustrates desires to accumulate wealth.

You must embrace a lifestyle that will help to achieve your desire to live in financial freedom.

Your primary task in the pursuit of wealth accumulation is to develop a lifestyle that enhances and accommodates the acquisition of wealth.

Your style of living which is a reflection of your values and attitudes is the primary determinant of your financial well-being.

Event Of Wealth Is Preceded By Process.

Everyone who ever accumulated wealth, did so through a carefully orchestrated process that became their lifestyle.

You too must develop a process that would facilitate your acquisition of wealth. This wealth-building process which is made up of strategies and principles of wealth creation must be embraced as your lifestyle.

Wealth is never an event, but rather a product of a process. Every event of wealth is preceded by process. Every event of financial success and breakthrough has a process, a backstory of labor, toil, sweat and sacrifice.

The unschooled in the principles of wealth creation sees the event of wealth and thinks the person involved is lucky, but one who is taught thinks otherwise.

The world celebrated Elon Reeve Musk when in October 2002 earned his first billion through the sale of Paypal to eBay. But before that epic event was the process. As a child, he taught himself how to program, and when he was 12, he developed and sold his first software: a game he created called Blastar.

The sales of WhatsApp in February 2014 for about US$ 19.3 billion was a classic event of financial success that was celebrated. Many thought the original authors Brian Action and Jan Koum were lucky guys without considering the years of learning, toiling, working as a computer programmer.

The world hears, sees and celebrates the events of financial breakthrough without considering the process that led to such events.

We would rather consider such people as lucky. As a result, we pray, hope and wait for the day the goddess of luck will smile on us. “One day I will strike it rich.” Never considering the years of preparation that went into such event of financial successes. The sleepless nights. The planning. The sweat.

The truth is there can never be an event without process.

Sometime ago, my children went with me on a speaking engagement. On our way home after the program, my daughter made a comment about the stuff and honorarium I was given by my host. She wondered how speaking for about an hour would warrant such honorarium. The huge honorarium was an event she saw, but failed to consider the process that led to the event on that day. The years spent studying and gathering information. The years spent networking and marketing myself and what I do. She judged me lucky based on event.

Talented footballers and musicians spend hours practicing to perfect their skill. Basketball legend Larry Bird became an outstanding free throw shooter by practicing 500 shots each morning before he went to school.

The secret of financial success is found in our daily agenda, our way of life and lifestyle.

Champions don’t become champions in the ring, they are merely recognized there. The success in the ring is event that is preceded by process of hard work and sacrifice.

Every great meal is a product of process of cooking. A process of bringing different ingredients together at the right time and at the right proportions.

In the same way, great wealth is a product of process that involves several activities and actions.

Process Makes Wealthy

You must appreciate that building wealth involves several different activities. To successfully solve the equation of wealth, you must understand that it’s a multi-variable equation. And any attempt to solve a multi-variable equation with one variable would be a waste of time and efforts.

For example, developing financially valuable skills is a vital key component of the process of wealth building. So also is the ability to use your skills to solve problems and meet needs in the marketplace; by offering value to the market in form of products and services.

Marketing your skills, products and services is also an integral part of the process. Thinking right thoughts and developing a healthy mindset that make building wealth a possibility cannot be overemphasized.

Similarly, saving a part of your earnings and investing same in a passive income generating business cannot be overlooked in the process that leads to the event of wealth.

Turn Process To Lifestyle
All of these and many others form the process of wealth acquisition. They are what you must engage in on a continuous bases till they become your habits and lifestyle. They are not what you do once in a while or whenever you feel like it. They are things you live.

Indeed, financial success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines that must be practiced again and again. These simple disciplines form the process of wealth creation that must become your way of life……..your lifestyle.

Please understand this vital truth of wealth creation, you must live the process of wealth creation as a way of life…..a lifestyle.

Your primary task in the pursuit of wealth is to understand the process that leads to wealth acquisition and then turn it to your lifestyle-your way of life.

For example saving part of your earnings must become a way of life for you. Investing in passive income generating assets must become your lifestyle.

The principles of wealth must be organized into a coherent, well coordinated wealth building process that must become your lifestyle.

Engaging the principles of wealth creation as your lifestyle is the highway to financial freedom and breakthrough.

Many miss out of great opportunities to create wealth because their focus is on event and not on the process that leads to wealth acquisition. They have failed to understand the process factor in the equation of wealth. They are waiting for one big thing to happen for them to start swimming in millions of dollars.

Please understand that it is a great error to try to skip process; if you do, you’ll never experience event of financial success. Wealth is a process, and not an event.

This is the untold secret of wealth creation. Wealth is not a product of one time hit. There is a wealth-building process that will culminate in the acquisition of your wealth; this you must turn to your lifestyle.

Wealth will answer to you as you turn your wealth-building process to your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle can indeed make you wealthy and can also make poor.

It’s a new day for you!

To Your Prosperity

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