The age of information is indeed the age of unspeakable financial opportunities. The truth is that unthinkable wealth lies within the reach of every man and woman who cares to search out how the game of money is played.

Ironically, many get their hands on very little because they blindly, without question, follow the crowd in a circle to nowhere. They follow methods and procedures for no other reason than “it’s always been done that way.”

I read about an experiment conducted some years ago about “Processionary Caterpillars.” These caterpillars blindly follow the one in front of them. Hence, the name. The caterpillars were carefully arranged in a circle around the rim of a flower pot, so that the lead caterpillar actually touched the last one, making a complete circle.

In the center of the flower pot is pine needles, which are the food for the Processionary Caterpillar. The caterpillars started around this circular flower pot. Around and around they went, hour after hour, day after day, night after night. For seven full days and seven full nights, they went around the flower pot.

Finally, they dropped dead of starvation and exhaustion. With an abundance of food less than six inches away, they literally starved to death, because they confused activity with accomplishment.

What does it mean to make money? A change in the rules of money

Listen, friend, the rules of money have changed. To play the game of money successfully you must play with the new rules. Gone are the days of “get a good job, work hard, and save money stuff.”

The words “make money” have double meanings depending on who is saying it. When a rich person talks about making money, what he is saying is different from what the poor person.

When the poor person talks about making money all he is thinking about is how to sell his time for money. For him, to make more money is about selling more of his time…working longer and harder.

But the rich person thinks in terms of creating a system that will generate cash flow for him. He never thinks about selling his time for money. The system is the acronym for ‘Save yourself time, energy and money.’
S – Save
Y – Your
S – Self
T – Time
E – Energy
M – Money
The worst route you can take in your journey into the world of financial freedom is to sell your time for money.

Business systems
There are three main types of business systems commonly in use today.
They are:
1. Conventional businesses – where you develop your own system.
2. Franchises – where you buy an existing system.
3. Network Marketing – where you buy into and become part of an existing system.
If statistics are to be believed, four out of five conventional businesses fail within their first five years. Of those that are left, four out of five will fail within the next four years.

Franchising is a way for the small business entrepreneur to boost the odds of success. A franchise gives you the privilege of owning and running a business with a proven system. It takes the guesswork out of building a business from the scratch. But the downside to all of these is that the cost of owning a franchise today is killing.

Friend, network marketing is the way to have the low-to-no-risk benefits of a proven, duplicatable business system. The start-up capital for most MLM (multi-level marketing) companies is reasonably low and affordable for an average person who wants to own a profitable business.

The business idea of the age
Network marketing is the business of the 21st century…..the business model of the hour. It has been said that there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. And nothing can be so detrimental than someone who is still thinking old ideas. Working hard on a job and selling your time for money is an old idea. It had worked in the industrial age; it’s no longer a great idea in this age of information.

Owning your own business is the master key that rules the world of money. This is the first law of wealth creation. Roughly 80% of the very rich became rich through building a business. Most people work for people who build businesses or invest in businesses.

Reality is what you make it. Most people’s “reality” is a 9-5 job. Is that all you’re capable of in this life?

Please understand this, to make money you need the right vehicle and that vehicle needs to be a business. It must not be just any business but one with amazing attributes and potential.

Network Marketing is not just a business, it represents the opportunity to live a better lifestyle and improve your quality of life. You don’t have to take my word for it; network marketing is now being endorsed by several leading businessmen worldwide.

“If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work” – Donald Trump (American Billionaire)

“If I had it to do all over again, rather than build an old style of business I would have started building a network marketing business.”- Robert Kiyosaki (American Millionaire)

Network marketing is not about hawking 
Network marketing is not about hawking products and services but a platform to build a business system that runs on its own…..with little or no effort from you once it’s built. A system that puts money into your pocket while you’re sleeping.

Unfortunately, network marketing is probably the least understood, most slandered, and condemned business opportunity in the world. But to the enlightened and initiated, network marketing is the business of the 21st century, a business model with great potential and amazing financial rewards.

The Upside Potentials of MLM

Leverage: In the 21st century, leverage is the Master Key to a world of wealth and riches. In very simple terms, the definition of leverage is doing more with less. It’s about leveraging the contacts, skills, and efforts of others into financial fortunes. The principle of leverage is simple. A small amount of effort goes a long way when each person works to do their part. This small individual effort multiplies as more people work together, creating multiplied sales volume for you.

“I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” – Andrew Carnegie

What you can leverage on:
1. Other People’s Knowledge
2. Other People’s Energy
3. Other People’s Money
4. Other People’s Successes
5. Other People’s Failures
6. Other People’s Ideas
7. Other People’s Contacts
And that’s just what network marketing enables you to do.

Residual income: Residual or passive income is one of the upside potentials of network marketing. This means that money or income can continue to flow to you even after you stop working or being active in the business. This is generally a recurring income; once the system is built, the income will continue to come in month after month or year after year, with little additional work by you.

Time freedom: As a network marketer, you are an independent contractor- the CEO of your own business. You do what you want when you want to do it. With network marketing, you have the freedom to go wherever you want to or need to, with no regard to what an employer says or might do. Network marketing makes your time your time indeed!

Financial freedom: At this particular time in history when a traditional business offers so little security, network marketing is the last bastion of free enterprise. Network marketing is the simplest path to prosperity in the history of capitalism.

Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell in one of their books said “The forty-year plan is the best that folks can hope for in traditional businesses. So, what’s the forty-year plan, you ask? By the age of twenty-five, most people have an idea of what profession they’ll enter, anything from a fishing guide to a surgeon. But forty years later, out of a typical 100 people 5 are still working, 36 are dead, 54 are dead broke (or at least earning far less than when they were employed), 4 are well off, and 1 person is wealthy.

Thus, the forty-year plan means that for four decades most of us go back and forth from home to work,…..and yet at the end of that time only 1 out of 100 persons has something to show for it! In stark contrast is the Four-Year Plan. Work diligently for one MLM company for four years, build an income based on the honest movement of products and services, and you’re set for life. Even more exciting, so are your heirs. Every person’s MLM business is fully inheritable.”

Low start-up capital: Network marketing is an inexpensive way of getting people involved in entrepreneurship. The low entry cost of starting a network marketing business and the low downside risk are amazing.

If you will commit yourself to work diligently for the next few months, you can be sure that an end has come to all your financial needs. You will move from having the problem of NOT having ENOUGH money to the problem of TOO MUCH money.

Listen, friend, I believe that each of us needs multiple streams of income- real estate, mutual funds, and Internet marketing, to name a few. But high on the multiple streams short-list is the opportunity of network marketing. It is the Ultimate Money Machine.
To Your Prosperity
Sharon Akinoluwa

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