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Wealth and Riches International is a Christian organization that is committed to solving business and financial problems for individuals and corporate organizations.

This is a work founded on Isaiah 35:1-7: To teach spiritual and secular truth that would empower God’s people to succeed in life and business.

We specialize in information publishing, marketing, training, and consulting services in wealth creation principles, peak performance, and business growth strategies.

We also provide Church support services. With years of experience and research into doing business from the Christian perspective, we are positioned to add value, enhance, and promote efficiency, effectiveness, and best practices in the starting and running of successful businesses.

Wealth and Riches Church Support Services is one project through which we provide services to complement the great efforts of the ministers of the Gospel and the Church leadership. We teach and train Christians on Biblical principles of Wealth Creation and Business Success Strategies.

We take our empowerment seminar/training around churches and would like to bring the next one to yours.


(1) Businessmen and women of all classes.

(2) Those aspiring to start and run a business of their own.

We are indeed looking forward to partnering with you in all your financial and business training and teaching needs.

You can get across to us by clicking here

Thank you

Sharon Akinoluwa

Chief Executive Officer

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