Money is Freedom

Money is Freedom

Money is a powerful freedom tool that can empower you to live as you wish. Within reason, when you are financially empowered, you live life the way you want it without money hindering or stopping you. You can pay your bills with ease, send your children to schools of your choice, buy whatever you want, live wherever you like without sweat, and go on vacation anywhere you desire at any time you want without money stopping you.

Unfortunately, these are not the experiences of many working adults. Many work so much with almost nothing to show financially for their labor. As a result, they are forced to live lives that are far from their desired lifestyles.

At retirement, their living situation becomes agonizing and unbearable.
The available statistic about retirees is very disheartening and frightening. It shows that only about 5 percent of sixty-five-year-olds will retire financially independent. This means 95 percent of retirees will need one form of support or another; this could be either government or family support to meet the basic needs of life.

These are people who have spent an average of forty years of their adult lives laboring in various fields of human endeavor. And now in their old age, they are finding it difficult to support themselves. They would have to spend their remaining days on the earth under financial pressure and stress. What a life!

Money indeed empowers you to live free of financial stress. One of the great desires of every adult person is to live free of any form of financial harassment, embarrassment, worry, and pressure. With good money to meet your financial obligations, you do not suffer sleepless nights as a result of bills that are due for payment.

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry and what-ifs of life.” – Suze Orman

As already stated, financial freedom is primarily about having the financial capability to live the life you really want to live on your terms. It is essentially about your being able to do what you want, without money hindering or stopping you.

We all crave, struggle, and fight for the realm of financial freedom. Many would do anything; pay any price to walk in the reality of financial freedom. It is one goal we all strive to achieve; unfortunately, only a few of us ever achieved it. Financial freedom is like a mirage to many. The more and harder they pursue it, the farther it moves away from them.

The good news is that financial freedom does not have to elude you or remain a pipe dream. In this book, you will learn some proven techniques, strategies, and principles of financial freedom that would enhance your financial capability, establish you as a financial powerhouse and ultimately help make your financial dream a reality.

Time Freedom Is A Crucial Element Of Financial Freedom. 
Also worthy of attention is the fact that outside of your financial capability to pick your bills and buy whatever you desire at will, is the ability to determine how you use your time. This is a very important aspect of the concept of financial freedom that is elusive to many. Those that do know about it, give little or no attention to it. The pursuit of financial freedom should be seen as an avenue for personal freedom.

The challenge with statements and opinions that tend to exclusively look at financial freedom from the monetary angle is that they assume having a high-paying job and good savings in retirement programs are the same thing as financial freedom.

Contrary to this common opinion, financial freedom is not ALL about financial capacity. It is much more about you, your lifestyle, your being free to live the life you truly want. Time freedom is a very important element of financial freedom.

Financial freedom is not always about making more money, but much more about what the money allows you to do. It is much more about the freedom to be yourself and the ability to pursue what you really want in life. The most valuable thing that money can buy is the freedom to spend your time the way you want.

The truth is that one can be poor and be bound despite having a lot of money. You can have a lot of money and still not be free. A lot of money does not guarantee true freedom if you cannot live the life you desire. The primary objective of the pursuit of wealth is your ability to live the life you truly want.

John Paul Getty, the richest man of his days, wrote in his book, How to be rich, “Hal considered himself to be very wealthy in personal freedom. He was always able to do the things he wanted to do, and always had the time in which to do them……Before his death a few years ago, he frequently wrote me letters which opened with the wryly humorous but meaningful salutation: “To the Richest Man in the World from the Wealthiest. . . ” 
I’ll have to admit that I envied Hal his abundance of time —which is one of the forms of wealth that people tend to disregard these days. Rich as I may be from a material standpoint, I’ve long felt that I’m very poor, indeed, in time. For decades, my business affairs have made extremely heavy inroads on my time, leaving me very little I could use as I pleased. There are books that I have wanted to read— and books I have wanted to write. I’ve always yearned to travel to remote parts of the globe which I’ve never seen; one of my greatest unfulfilled ambitions has been to go on a long, leisurely safari in Africa. 
Money has not been a bar to the realization of these desires; insofar as money is concerned, I could have easily afforded to do any of these things for many years. The blunt and simple truth is that I’ve never been able to do them because I could never afford the time. It’s paradoxical but true that the so-called captains of industry frequently have less time for indulging their personal desires than their rear-rank privates. This applies to little things as well as big ones.”

I seriously believe that one of the joys of financial freedom is time freedom.

This is the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want….having control over how you use or spend your time. It is about using your time the way you really want, doing what you really want without being compelled by external forces and pressures; especially financial pressure to do otherwise. This could be spending time with your family and the people you love as you will. Or it could be the pursuit of personal interests and passions.

For example, have you ever wished you could attend your child’s school event, but the demands of a job or your money-making endeavors would not just allow you?

“The ultimate essence of life is not a Ferrari. The ultimate essence is not a mansion. It’s not a bank account. It’s not a million dollars. It’s not a fortune. Whether you have modest resources or mega-millions, the ultimate essence is learning to live a good life”- Jim Rohn

Please understand that financial freedom is not all about earning good money to pay your bills and live large, but much more about how you are earning the money. It is about your life and lifestyle.

It is a lifestyle that involves spiritual fullness, physical wellbeing, mental soundness, social friendship, and financial wellbeing.

This understanding is very important because there are many people out there, making serious money at the expense of their health and family.
They work so hard at their jobs; hit the road very early in the morning, long before the children are out of bed, and never get to return home until late in the night when the children have all gone to bed. And by weekends they have to put in extra hours; as a result, many have become almost strangers to their children.

“How sad it would be, to learn how to earn well, but not learn how to live well. You must balance your life.”- Jim Rohn

They have to work this way to meet their financial obligations and maintain their lifestyle, any attempt to do otherwise, means the money would stop coming and the lifestyle and standard of living would ultimately be impaired and truncated.

Understanding The Real Problem 
Let me categorically state that neither money nor the pursuit of wealth is the problem, but how money is earned, and how wealth is pursued is the culprit. To enslave yourself in your quest to generate income is the real problem. If you sell your time for every dollar you make, and no time is left to spend with the people you love, then there is a problem, no matter how much you are earning as income.

One of the main objectives of this book is to help you understand that you don’t have to sacrifice personal freedom or your health or your family in order to make money. It would seek to proffer solutions to your work-life challenges so that you can enjoy time freedom while generating more than enough income to meet your financial needs. It would help you redefine wealth and financial freedom not just in terms of dollars, big houses and fancy cars, yachts, but to include time and personal freedom.

You will be empowered to make necessary changes that will position you to live the life you truly desire, achieving goals and dreams that are dear to your heart, instead of focusing solely on making money.

Working to generate great income to live your desired lifestyle does not have to deny you the privilege of living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Earning income does not have to be stressful; you don’t have to work under pressure, duress, or compulsion to make enough money to meet your financial needs.

One of the great insights you can have on the subject of wealth creation is that financial freedom is the point where working becomes optional; where you work mainly because you want to work and not necessarily because you have to, and yet the money keeps rolling in.

Listen, friend, you need to break loose from the chains of daily labor so that you can have more time to develop and live to your fullest potential. You need time to enjoy life….catch fun and explore all that life has to offer. Yes, you indeed need time to pursue your deepest desires and aspirations. Work does not have to rob or deny you of the experiences of life you so much desire.

The good news is that you can partake and enjoy all that your heart desires of the experiences of life while generating a good income. The wisdom, strategies, and ideas packaged in this book are to help you make money to meet all your financial needs, while at the same time have all the time to truly and fully enjoy life to the fullest.

This is an excerpt from
, FINANCIAL FREEDOM: How To Generate Income For Life Without Ever Having To Work Again. The book will indeed expose you to the basics of wealth building and financial freedom.

It’s a book that will definitely add value to your life and change your financial story for good.

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It’s your turn to enjoy financial freedom.

To Your Prosperity

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