The highway to wealth is, and always has been, your ability to start and build a successful business. Building and running your own business is the master key to the creation of wealth.

This truth was profoundly stated by J.P Getty in his book, How To Be Rich. Getty was the richest man in his days, so you can be too sure to be following a valid instruction and principle.

In their book, The One Minute Millionaire, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen also wrote, “One of the fastest ways to create wealth is in climbing the Business Mountain.”

Look around you, and you’ll discover that the richest people in our world are business people.

Your lack of necessary ability to build and run a successful business is the main issue standing between you and your financial dream.

Business Skills Are Learnable

The good news is that all business skills are learnable. Yes, you heard me right; they can be learnt. And if you’ve ever learnt any skill before, it could be to make your bed, then you can learn any other skill. If you’ve learnt to drive a car, you can learn how to be a successful businessperson. Learning business skills could be that easy.

Listen, you can learn to start your own business and position yourself on the highway to wealth and financial freedom for the rest of your life.

As Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines said, “Once you learn how to start and build a business, you can do it over and over again. The principles are the same.”


You can learn any business skill you need to achieve any business or financial goal you set for yourself. All you will need is the willingness and readiness to learn. Believe in yourself and step out in faith and you’re on your way to building a million dollar business.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phi 4:13 

 The truth is that in those things toward which we exerted our best endeavors we succeeded.

As Goethe said, “Everything is hard before it’s easy.” Once you’ve learnt a skill, you can use it over and over again. Each time you use it, you get better and better, and as you get better you achieve the same financial goal with less time, effort and energy.

The truth is, “It never gets easier, you just get better.”-Unknown

 Three Basic Skills For Business Success

Basically, the major skills that you need in starting and running a successful business are:

  1. The ability to find or create a product or service that people want, need and are willing to pay for. According to Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in this generation, “There are only two ways to create wealth: find value or create value.”

Business people are skillful in the art of finding and creating enormous value for people at a profit. Preferably, this should be around something that you’re passionate about and you have the potential to be the best.

The truth is that products and services that would generate a million dollar profit are closer to you than you can imagine. In his famous speech “Acres of Diamonds,” Russell H. Conwell said, “Oh, my friends, if you will just take only four blocks around you, and find out what the people want and what you ought to supply and set them down with your pencil, and figure up the profits you would make if you did supply them, you would very soon see it. There is wealth right within the sound of your voice.”

  1. The ability to market and sell product or service in sufficient quantities to cover all your costs and make a profit is of utmost importance in building and running a successful business. Marketing is to your business what oxygen is to you. Every business thrives on the wings of effective marketing. A second class product would sell better than a first class product if well marketed.

Listen to this: “Spend 10% of time on product creation and 90% of time on marketing the product” – Dan Kennedy marketing legend. This advice drives home the importance of marketing in the pursuit of business success.

The money is in the marketing.

Marketing skills can be learnt as you read books, attend seminars, trainings and workshops on marketing.

  1. The ability to manage people, money and all business activities is also crucial to your success. Management books abound everywhere; you only need a hunger for knowledge. And if you’re truly passionate about your business idea and your desire for financial freedom is strong enough, paying the necessary price to succeed would not be an uphill task.

With these skills in place, you’re on your way to financial freedom. You have not attained financial independence till now because you have not given the subject of how money is made the due attention and diligence it requires. It’s time to go all out and make money as we build and run successful businesses.

This is how to make money and this is how to be rich. You will not miss your place in destiny.


To Your Prosperity

Sharon Akinoluwa

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