It is unfortunate to note that a lot of online businesses are actually destined for the grave. The truth is that the destinies of these businesses have been cut short from inception; as a result they are going nowhere.

Great business ideas with great potentials to bless and add value to humanity are slaughtered daily on the altar of ignorance and lack of sound business skills.


The number one killer of both online and offline businesses is the issue of miss placed priority. Let me ask you this question, “why did you set up your business or want to start a business”

Your answer to this question will tell us, what will ultimately become of the business. Yes, your answer to a great extent will determine the fate of your business.

Ask an average person starting a business why he or she is going into business and you can be sure to have an answer like this… “I want to make money”. And this is the cause of the death of many businesses.

Many people doing one form of online business or the other came on board with a wrong notion about internet based businesses, believing that the internet is a place to make cheap and easy money. So to him or her internet based business is all about making money online. 

While the truth of the matter is that, those who are really making money online are not essentially and primarily motivated by a desire to make money.

When you make the desire to make money a priority and the reason for starting a business, you can easily be forced by frustrations to move from one niche market to another or lose focus and a sense of direction and ultimately close down the business.

Many businesses with great future to create wealth have been shut down for this reason.

The desire to make money is very good; in fact we should all desire to make a lot of it. My passion is to see you make money and live in financial freedom. But this should not be the number one or the only reason for starting a business.

I believe that businesses should create wealth.
Businesses take time to produce tangible result and profit, some a year or two. Now if money is the motivation, and for two years you’re not really making any money. How would you feel about yourself and the business?


Frustrations have caused many to close down businesses with great destinies prematurely. You must not become a victim. It has been said that money is not good enough a reason for going into any business.

Then the question you would want to ask is “what should be the good reason why anyone should go into business”

Listen friend, every business making money out there is primarily concerned with how to give value to their customer. This should be your primary concern, and your number one reason for going into any kind of business.

The better prepared and positioned you’re to add value to people, the better and quicker you will go in your journey of making money.

Let us stop putting the cart before the horse. It is first about adding value before making of money. Make adding value to people a priority and motivation, and your business will thrive.

The perseverance and persistence needed for businesses to succeed, and ideas to see the light of the day will only be available when your mind is set on adding value.

When this becomes your motivation, the frustration that should make you give up when money is not coming will disappear.

Friend, let us go out there to impart and impact our world


To your business and financial success

To your prosperity

Sharon Akinoluwa

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