Financial Freedom: Why Paper Assets Might Be Your Bet For Building Wealth

Financial Freedom: Why Paper Assets Might Be Your Bet For Building Wealth

Enjoying financial abundance and achieving financial freedom is no rocket science. As a result, anyone should be able to walk in the reality of this realm.

What is basically needed for anyone to build wealth and achieve financial freedom is to do all is possible to boost income and control expenses, and then invest the surplus for compound growth.

The ESI strategy is a sure path to financial freedom. ESI strategy simply means Earn, save and invest. If you’ll earn all you can, save as much as possible, and invest your savings wisely then it’s just a matter of time before you partake of the banquet of prosperity.

Listen, if you embrace and truly put this simple strategy to work, you can almost be sure of enjoying financial freedom.

The ultimate goal of the ESI strategy is investing.

Investing is simply getting your money to make you more money. It is getting your money to work for you so you can eventually stop working for money. 

Investing a part of your earnings is a crucial key in your quest for financial freedom.

Financial freedom is simply the point where the PASSIVE income from your INVESTMENTS is equal to or greater than your living EXPENSES

Financial freedom is not in amassing millions of dollars in savings on which to live. It’s not about a fat salary from a job, but everything about cash flow from your investments and assets. It is simple to have enough cash flow coming in every week or month from your investments and assets to meet your living expenses, whether you work or not.

You don’t have to be fabulously rich to be financially free.

Outside building and running your own business there are two wealth-building vehicles in which you can invest your savings. They are:

1) Paper assets (stocks, bonds, etc.)

2) Investment real estate (not your home) 

Of these two paths, few people would want to get involved in real estate for several reasons. But majorly it requires a higher level of financial education to get started.

Paper assets are easier to get into. You can invest with a few dollars—or millions of dollars. 

Although riskier, especially in a volatile economy, yet, many people have built wealth and achieved financial freedom using paper assets as their primary wealth-building vehicle. 

This group of people would save and invest between 10 to 20% of their monthly income throughout their working lifetime.

According to research carried out by Tom Corley, it took the average Saver- investor, about 32 years to accumulate an average wealth of $3.4 million, while saving about 20-30% of their income. 

It is indeed a long path to financial freedom.

Investing is essentially a passive process. You are not involved in the active buying and selling of products and services. You are simply buying and selling passive financial instruments.

For many people, this kind of transaction fits their personality. They don’t want to have anything to do with people. They abhor normal business activities like interacting with clients and customers, suppliers, negotiating, persuading, marketing and selling.

This group of people would rather be anonymous, sitting behind their computers to carry out all of their transactions.

For me, one of the major upsides to this wealth-building vehicle is that you can start with very little money. This makes gives everyone an opportunity to build wealth. It eliminates the excuse of not having a huge amount of money to start your wealth-building journey.

 The truth is, you can start investing in paper assets with a couple of bucks. As a result, you can start your wealth-building process almost immediately. 

This is in sharp contrast to someone who wants to buy real estate and will need to save some good money for a down payment, which could take months or years.

So if you have these personality traits: 

1) You would prefer to be a passive and anonymous investor.

2) You want to start investing immediately with the little money on you.

 3) You wouldn’t want to have direct dealings with customers, clients, tenants, suppliers, and employees.

Then investing in paper assets as a means of building wealth might be your best bet.

The Awesome Power of Compounding

To maximally, take advantage of this wealth-building vehicle, it is important for you to adequately build your confidence in the process.

You would want to know how small amounts of money invested over time can grow into huge sums. 

This is made possible by the awesome power of compounding. Compound interest has been described as the eighth wonder of the world.

Compound return is achieved when you invest a sum of money at a particular rate of return. And instead of taking out the interest earned after a year, you add it back to the principal sum and reinvest this for greater return.

Now consider this scenario, say you invested $100 into a stock that gave you an annual return of 20%. At the end of one year, you would have $120. But instead of taking out the $20 profit, you leave it inside for another year at the same 20%. At the end of the second year, your investment would grow to $144. The following year, it would grow to $172.80; in the fourth year, it would grow to $207.36!

Also, consider this example where $10,000 invested at an annual compound return of 15% for 5 years will grow to become $20,114.

It grows to become $40,456 after 10 years

$163,665 after 20 years

$662,118 after 30 years

And $2,678,635 after 40 years

Now you are getting the gist

What about investing $100 every month for the next 30 or 40 years and leaving it to compound?

Now you are thinking.

Can you now see how financial freedom can become your reality by consistently investing small amounts of money in paper assets?

All that is required of you is to start early and also discipline yourself to invest consistently.

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