Did You Know You Do not Necessarily Have To Spend Money To Acquire Assets?

Did You Know You Do not Necessarily Have To Spend Money To Acquire Assets?

“I tell you, my students, a man’s wealth is not in the coins he carries in his purse; it is the income he buildeth, the golden stream that continually floweth into his purse and keepeth it always bulging. That is what every man desireth. That is what thou, each one of thee desireth; an income that continueth to come whether thou work or travel.” – The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason 

 Wealth is essentially asset-based. Real wealth is not a salary; it is not a paycheck. You are not wealthy because your salary is huge. Your wealth is defined in terms of assets that generate passive income.

Generally, assets are either physical or nonphysical, tangible, or intangible. Commercial houses are examples of physical assets, while intellectual properties are good examples of intangible, nonphysical assets. 

Intellectual properties are essentially creations of the human mind and intellect that are legally protected. They include copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. 

 Your knowledge, information, and experience when properly harnessed, organized, and packaged become your intellectual property, with huge commercial value. It is, therefore, your unique opportunity and singular privilege to turn this intellectual property of yours to financial wealth.

 Listen, friend, your intellectual property is an asset; it is the real wealth of the information age. Indeed, a man is wealthy not because of what he has, but essentially, because of what he knows. What he has can be lost through disaster, obsolescence, or theft. But what he knows, he can never lose unless he loses life itself. 

 The truth is that the world will always need great information and will always pay a great price for it. It is, therefore, time to get started on your journey to a world of financial freedom! 

 Therefore, the ultimate goal of Infopreneuring Profit Blueprint is to empower you to create assets in form of intellectual properties with the purpose of generating passive income that will equal or exceed your living expenses and at the same time impact our world for good, with your valuable intellectual properties. 

 I want to believe you desire to get to a point in your financial journey, where you work because you want to work, and not necessarily because you have to work to meet your financial obligations; and yet, your expenses are well paid for. 

Friend, there is a financial- worry-free zone of life where you live free of financial anxiety. It is a realm of life where you enjoy personal time freedom and good cash flow to live life on your terms. It is a phase of life where you generate a passive income that equals or exceeds your living expenses. It is a phase of positive cash flow.

What Is Passive Income 

Passive income is basically an income stream that is earned passively- with little or no ongoing effort from the recipient of the income. It is money you generate on regular bases from assets you have purchased or created. 

In the moneymaking circles, the buzzword is passive income. It is earning a consistent income while not working. It is an income generated while you sleep or you are on vacation. 

It is what investors and entrepreneurs make. Passive income rides on the wing of the concept of “do the work once and get paid over and over.” The work is done once, yet, the reward in form of royalties or dividends keeps coming for many years without your needing to actively do anything again to earn such income. 

 “Financial freedom isn’t about being rich-it’s not about power or prestige- it’s about having the flexibility to make the most out of your life without relying on a job or paycheck” – Antony Robbins 

 Please permit me to repeat this because of its importance to your financial freedom. Passive income is primarily generated from your investment of money or effort made in the past to secure an asset or assets. 

 Fundamentally, it is about your assets generating income or cash flow for you, whether you work or not. These assets could be bought with money or they could be created through the investment of your time, effort, and skills. 

 “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”- Warren Buffett

What Is An Asset 

An asset is anything you created or bought that puts money in your pocket. Basically, assets put money into your pocket. As elucidated above, the money assets put into your pocket is called passive income. 

As stated above you can either buy or create assets or do the two; the choice is yours. You can buy the stocks or shares of a company, or buy a building. On the other hand, you can choose to work hard to create your own asset. In this case, as an infopreneur, you work hard over a period of time to write a book, develop software, or record music. 

Infopreneuring Profit Blueprint is about creating your own assets as opposed to buying. Wealthy people don’t necessarily work for years to save money to buy assets. They would rather create their own assets in form of a business. 

This is the path taken by millionaires and billionaires to accumulate their wealth. And this is the path I would recommend you to take in your pursuit of wealth and financial freedom. I would like you to start your own information business and create your own portfolio of assets…..intellectual properties that would generate passive income and ultimately establish your financial freedom. 

Infopreneuring Profits Blueprint is basically about creating assets in form of Intellectual Properties, which keep generating passive income for you for months, years, and perhaps for a lifetime, after it has been created. It affords you the opportunity of being paid many times over, for the work you did once. 

 Generally speaking, the business of creating, marketing, and selling informational products would cover a wide range of information-based products such as books, ebooks, audios, videos, seminars, teleseminars, bootcamps, conferences, etc.; however, this blueprint will zero in on digital products.

Now consider these two scenarios. Which of them would you prefer or desire when it comes to income generation? One, as a consultant, you spend 3 to 4 hours helping your clients install and program an XYZ software in their office, earning about $400. In this case, you will need to install about 50 to earn about $20, 000 a month. 

In the second scenario, you will need to record a quick video of yourself installing the software on a website; teaching the detailed step-by-step procedure of installation and then make the video available for sale on your website for $400. This way the people can use the software themselves; you still make $400, and you never have to lift a finger yourself! 

Infopreneuring Profits Blueprint teaches a completely hands-off, autopilot business model that generates passive income for you. It explains to you a business system where the process of generating income does not depend on your personal labor to run.

Business Success Defined

Infopreneuring Profit Blueprint is a digital publishing system that teaches you how to build a digital publishing business that guarantees, not just financial freedom but also lifestyle freedom. It is a business system that allows anyone in the world to quickly build a profitable business empire right from their laptop.

For me, becoming an Infopreneur is not about freelance writing gigs. It is about building an online business asset that can generate good cash flow and at the same time appreciate in value. A digital publishing business that sells directly to consumers through the use of automation.

It is about building a business and a life where you can live where you want, work when you want, have the lifestyle that you want. The truth is building a successful business….a money-making machine will not automatically lead to a happy and fulfilled life. This is very crucial! Make no mistake about it.

There are many miserable entrepreneurs and businesspersons out there making huge money from their businesses, and yet frustrated. Infopreneuring Profits Blueprint is about building a business and having a great life. 

This post is an excerpt from, INFOPRENEURING PROFITS BLUEPRINT: The 3-Easy Step System To Turn Your Knowledge Into Lifetime Streams Of Cash Flow.  The book will indeed empower to you build a fortress of assets and live in financial freedom.

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It’s a book that will definitely add value to your life and change your financial story for good.

It’s your turn to enjoy financial freedom.

To Your Prosperity

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