Are The Rich And Wealthy Just Lucky?

Are The Rich And Wealthy Just Lucky?

The rich and wealthy just appear lucky, don’t they? And the rest of us not so lucky. What’s your take on the subject of luck as it relates to wealth building? Do you also believe that the rich and the wealthy are just lucky guys?

What’s Your Mindset About The Subject Of Luck?
One major factor hindering a lot of people from achieving financial freedom is their wrong mindset about the subject of luck. This is where many people get it wrong, and as a result, they struggle financially.
Finding out what you believe about the subject of luck is therefore very crucial to your financial advancement. Is your mindset about luck hindering you from achieving your financial desire or is it helping out?
Listen, friend, your perspective and mindset about the subject of luck can make the difference between a life of penury and that of financial abundance.

When people achieve great wealth, they are immediately tagged or branded as lucky. People look at the financial success of the wealthy and ascribe it to luck, and those who struggle financially are said to have bad luck.

I consider it a great error and insult to look at the wealth acquired by someone who had mastered and consistently practiced the skills, strategies, and time-tested, universal wealth-building principles as a product of luck.
I want to believe that the only group of people that can be considered lucky are those born into wealthy families. This is essential because no one gets to choose where he or she is born.

A lot of people who struggle financially tend to consider themselves as unlucky in the world of money, especially when they see or compare themselves to some rich and wealthy guys who are less gifted and less talented or with less educational qualifications than them.

Even lottery winners who could be considered lucky are not really wealthy in the true sense of the word. Most of them will lose their money within a year or two because they have not built the vital ingredients of wealth accumulation.

The most important thing to those who are wealthy is not their money, but the wisdom, skills, experience, and contacts they have built over time that have enhanced their wealth acquisition. With all of these at their disposal, they can preserve and multiply their wealth. And this is the mindset that you need to successfully build wealth and not the mindset that ties wealth building to luck.

It is paramount for you to know this because anywhere you see any event of true wealth, you see the outcome of a wealth-building process. A process of actions, strategies, and behaviors that aid wealth-building, carried out in the past to achieve the present result. Most wealthy people have done many things behind the scene, sometimes for years, which made the realization of their desired financial dream a possibility.

Listen, behind every overnight financial success story is at least 10 years of dogged and tireless laboring and sweating it out. For you to conclude or classified such stories as luck is an aberration.

Negative Effects Of Luck Thinking
The danger of this is that luck thinking makes you think you have little or no influence or control over your financial destiny. It is an error to think your financial destiny is being determined by an external factor….one goddess or something somewhere upon which you have to influence.
The wisdom of God admonishes you to “….work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

Secondly, the concept of luck is contrary to the concept of personal responsibility. Remember all I have said earlier about the need for you to take a hundred percent responsibility for your financial destiny. Luck thinking robs you of the much-needed sense of personal responsibility that makes wealth-building possible. Personal responsibility is the master key to financial dignity. You must take absolute responsibility for your financial wellbeing and destiny.

You owe it to your financial destiny to take all necessary action steps that would facilitate the achievement of your financial dream.

Actions Have Consequences
Wealthy people are essentially action-oriented. They know that actions must precede any desired results. And that it is our actions that birth our desired results. Results would only follow actions taken; and without taking action steps, nothing will ever be achieved. As a result, they are known to take massive, focus, and well-directed actions toward their financial freedom.

One of the very fundamental principles of life that every wealth seeker must understand and embrace is this: actions have consequences. Yes, you

heard me right. All of your actions have consequences. These consequences could either be positive or negative depending on the actions taken.

Wealth, riches, success, achievement, accomplishment, and progress are all consequences of certain actions taken at one time or another.

The key to wealth and financial freedom is for you to engage more in actions that are more likely to bring about your desired financial success, while you intentionally avoid those actions that will not bring about the consequences you desire.

Honestly, wealthy people who are considered lucky individuals have taken many steps and done many things that, in combination increased their probability and likelihood of building wealth

In your quest for wealth and riches, you will need to take certain steps that will increase your likelihood of financial success. You might need to learn and engage certain skills, strategies, and behaviors that will enhance the realization of your financial goal.

Wealth Building Is A Multi-Variable Equation
You must appreciate that building wealth involves several different action steps. Wealth building is a multi-variable equation. And the more of these variables you engage in, the higher the likelihood and probability of you accumulating wealth.

For example, every book you read increases the likelihood of your coming across a wisdom tip, strategy, or information that would increase the probability of your achieving your financial dream.

Every seminar you attend and every valuable skill you develop will increase the probability of your success in the world of money. Every time

tested, universally proven wealth-building principle and strategy you put to work enhances the probability of achieving financial success.

There is a direct relationship between the number of different things you attempt in your quest for financial freedom and your likelihood of achieving your desire. Taking many different action steps will put the angels on your side.

Replace Luck Thinking With Probability Thinking.
To succeed financially, you need to replace luck thinking with probability thinking. It is always better to think in terms of probabilities. This thought pattern will empower you to take necessary action steps to increase your probability of financial success.

Instead of feeling helpless in the hands of an external force called luck, you can indeed take control of your financial destiny by thinking in terms of probability. Doing all you can to increase your probability of acquiring wealth is the highway to a life of financial plenty.

Probability theory teaches that there is a likelihood that any particular event will occur under certain situations and conditions.

To be wealthy, you owe it a duty to your financial destiny to do everything possible to increase your probability. The more different things or more of particular things you engage in, the higher the probability of you building wealth and living in financial freedom.

In this book, you will be exposed to quite a number of principles and strategies that guarantee wealth building. The more of these principles and strategies you engage in your pursuit of financial freedom, the higher the probability of your success.

Failure Proof System
As you read through the pages of this book, it would do you a world of good to know that the system of financial freedom taught in this book is failure-proof. Its ability to make you financially free is unquestionable and unprecedented.

With the system taught in this book, your financial freedom is guaranteed if you will care enough to put it to work. Engaging them for a life of personal financial freedom is your responsibility.

The system this book projects and represents employs a holistic approach to the subject of wealth building. Though taught by supposedly world-renowned financial gurus and experts, most wealth-building systems and programs fail to deliver the expected result because of their myopic and biased approach to wealth building.

The truth is almost every teacher has his prejudiced approach to the subject of wealth building. It would not be unusual to hear a teacher favoring a particular vehicle of wealth creation over another.

Some will have you believe that the best and easiest way to build wealth is through the stock market, while some others would have you believe it is real estate. I have heard many teachers of wealth-building principles say one can never be wealthy or financially free as an employee and that only entrepreneurs have what it takes to be financially free.

The truth is no one can crack wealth’s code by trading one variable in a multi-variable equation. Some other teachers of wealth-building would project that wealth seekers should focus on the expense variable in the wealth equation and neglect the income variable when they should be focused on both ends of the equation.

They will emphasize savings and living below one’s means so much that an average wealth seeker would think wealth creation is all about sacrifice and self-denial. As result such wealth seekers might grow weary with discouragement, believing that wealth building is a hell of a task. While some others would want you to believe that saving money and living below your means is a loser’s game.

The truth is we are predisposed to different things based on our unique experiences of life. I came across a famous Indian folktale about three blind men and an elephant. The story excellently conveys the message I am trying to pass across. It is a story of three blind men who have never come across an elephant before but want to learn and conceptualize what an elephant is by touching it.

In the story, each blind man touches and feels one part of the elephant’s body with his hand, and then describes what an elephant is based on his limited experience: the first blind man puts his arms around the leg and resolves the elephant is solid and strong, like a tree. The second blind man holds the ear and believes the elephant is like a giant fan. The third blind man grabs the swinging tail and concludes the elephant is like a rope
Each man is partly right based on his limited and narrow experience of an elephant. Honestly speaking half-truth could be very dangerous. The challenge is none of the blind men has been able to comprehend the bigger picture because the truth of the elephant is far more multifaceted than anyone blind man’s narrow experience can convey.

The parable teaches that humans have a propensity to claim absolute rightness on issues based on their limited subjective experience.
In the same way, many financial gurus and teachers ascribe rightness to their programs and systems based on their limited experience of what it takes to build wealth. They fail to comprehend the multifaceted dimensions of wealth building. They are blind to the bigger picture of what makes for wealth building.

Sadly, they tenaciously hold on to their myopic, limited, and narrow perspective on the subject of financial freedom. They lead their followers astray, and most of the time into financial pits as a result of the half-truths, and fragmented pieces of wealth-building strategy they teach.
In this book, you are exposed to a system that is built on a holistic perspective of what it takes to build wealth and enjoy financial freedom.

Frankly, our approach to solving any problem, especially the problem of building wealth will be influenced and determined by our perspective; which can either be holistic or partial.

A holistic perspective tends to approach the subject of wealth building by evaluating the different components. It sees the big picture, and engages a broader approach to understanding financial reality and the relationship of different components….seeing each factor as dependent on the other.
While a partial perspective tends to approach wealth as being caused by a single factor. It looks at one thing and determines it’s the way to wealth building.

In your hands is the many-sided wisdom and principles that guarantee the acquisition of wealth and financial freedom. As I have said earlier, one major upside to this book is that it covers both the inner game of creating wealth, the mental component, and the outer game of creating wealth, the methods, strategies, and techniques of creating wealth and living in financial freedom. As you journey through this book, garner as much as you can.

Welcome to your season of financial freedom!

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It’s a book that will definitely add value to your life and change your financial story for good.

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It’s your turn to enjoy financial freedom.

To Your Prosperity

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